Stress Effects on Body

Many people think that succumbing to stress is a sign of weakness, but nothing could be further from the truth!

Stress effects on body

Stress is the pressure that is associated with trying to live our lives and no matter what kind of life you lead, there is bound to be stress in it. Moreover, people today are living with a significantly higher level of stress than their parents or their grandparents did, and this is beginning to make itself known in a variety of different ways. Stress can cause very real health problems, including sleeping troubles, and if you think that you might be affected in this way, there are a few things that you should think about.

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How does stress affect us?

The first thing is that stress-related health issues can creep up on you. While stress can traced directly to a specific source, say, an accident or the death of a loved one, it can also be a great deal more insidious than that. If conditions at your workplace have been going steadily downhill, you might find stress problems creeping up on you. One day, you'll look up and realize that your jaw's been tight for what feels like months or that you've been running a constant, low-grade level of illness. Stress can seep into your life very subtly, so it is important to be self-aware.

What are some early warning signs of stress-related problems?

There are some early warning signs that stress might be becoming a problem for you. Have you noticed that you are having sleeping troubles? Stress can do a number of things to your sleeping cycles. It can make you an insomniac or can make you want to sleep for long stretches of time. While getting a good night's sleep is beneficial, sleeping to escape stress will leave you feeling sore and irritable. If you find that your temperature has gotten shorter, or that you've fallen prey to bouts of depression and anxiety, there is a good chance that stress is overtaking your life.

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