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Sleep Loss Effects On Our Life

Common sleep loss effects include:

  • Fatigue with persistent yawning, drowsiness and the tendency to doze off during day hours
  • Reduction in mental and physical productivity
  • Lack of concentration with
    a short attention span
  • Impaired memory and learning ability
  • Impaired alertness, reduced reaction time
  • Impaired judgment
  • Loss of motivation
  • Depression and mood disorder

Everybody experiences a lack of sleep occasionally, so many of us know that it may significantly impair our performance.

Sometimes, however, the situation may become even more serious, increasing the risk of physical injury or permanent illness.

Sleep loss effects-traffic accident

Each year, almost 25,000 people die in car accidents as a result of lack of sleep or sleep deprivation. From time to time we hear stories about tragic accidents that have happened in our neighborhood.

In reality, we often don’t realize that sleep is as necessary for our body to function well as water and food, and we are cutting back on sleep time to do "more important things."

Loss of sleep may sometimes be caused by health problems and other psychological, physical or environmental factors, so it’s always a good idea to consult your healthcare provider.


Sleep loss effects in school students Every day around the globe moms are waking up their children to get them ready for daycare, preschool or school. 

Quite often these kids don’t get the adequate sleep time for their age.
Sleep loss effects in colege students Students (teenagers and young adults) are a very unique group of people.

Between studying, partying, and spending time on the cell phone or internet, their sleep pattern is often very irregular and the sleep time usually insufficient.
Sleep loss effect in adult population We, adults, have our own confessions to make. Work, kids, house chores and other responsibilities are pushing sleep to the end of our priority list.

For many of us this is not a matter of choice or preference. Especially if you are one of night shift workers in a hospital, transportation or police force or travel regularly across different time zones - you have to break a natural wake-sleep pattern.

Occasional sleep loss is not something to worry about. However, If the situation continues, sleep loss accumulates and with time it may result in sleep deprivation with serious physical consequences. Often, lack of sleep has a negative impact on the quality of life, relationships, job, social activities and health.

According to recent studies conducted in some countries, a sleep loss may have the same hazardous effects as being drunk.

The toll is being paid by a high rate of traffic and work accidents caused by sleep deprivation. According to some sources a lack of sleep may contribute to more than 30% of heavy truck accidents.

Solutions to sleep deprivation

  • Accepting the fact that sleep, just like water and food is essential in your life.
  • Realizing how damaging sleep loss effects may be on your daily life.
  • Making sure that your schedule includes a good night's sleep.
  • Definitely see your doctor if some other health condition is the reason of sleep loss.

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