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Sleep Deprivation Effects

Sleep deprivation effects may have very negative impact on your life. Sleep Deprivation EffectsWe have become so busy and focused on our professional careers in today’s highly competitive society that we forget about the basics.

We are ignoring the fact that our body needs things like adequate sleep, physical activity or balanced healthy diet because we can’t fit them into our tight schedule.

Recently conducted sleep studies confirm that sleep plays a major role in physical and mental development.

We also know that without sufficient amount of sleep our body will not function properly, so the necessity of a good sleep every night should not be underestimated.

Sleep loss accumulates and usually gets worse with time leading often to sleep deprivation.

Prolonged loss of sleep or sleep deprivation is associated with risk of severe psychological and physical distress and can significantly affect our life.

There are many different opinions on how many hours we need to sleep. A general recommendation is that we should have about 8 hours of sleep every night, but this may differ from one person to another as it is determined by the individual body needs.

Basically when we get up and feel refreshed, rested physically and mentally, it means that we got enough sleep. Unfortunately for us, it is physically impossible to adapt to sleeping too little.

Even occasional sleep loss may be critical in many situations.
Impaired concentration and alertness may negatively influence our performance in school, at work or behind the wheel.

Long term sleep deprivation effects are associated with damage to the health and the quality of life of the sufferer.

For individuals who suffer from occasional sleep loss and still have to get behind the wheel there is a new device called the Driver Alert. Some people report that the Driver Alert prevented them from falling asleep while driving.

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