Feng Shui Ideas for Better Sleep

Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

If you are looking for harmony, comfort and balance to your bedroom, Feng Shui ideas can provide the guidance and help you achieve a more restful, refreshing sleep. You can actually sleep better with feng shui as long as you follow the teachings.

Feng Shui Ideas For Your Bedroom

The direction that your bed faces when you sleep has a strong affect on your daily life according to feng shui. Every aspect of your life is affected by feng shui. You can enhance your prosperity, creativity, relationships, career, life path, wisdom, knowledge and other situations. The way that you position your furniture, the things you have around you and how you arrange your rooms all have a bearing on these areas, either positive or negative.

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Intro to Feng Shui

Those who are not familiar with this ancient Chinese wisdom may enjoy a brief intro to feng shui. It is a method of creating harmony and balance to your home and life. It balances the yin and yang aspects of your environment and life. This applies very strongly to your bedroom because that is where you spend a great deal of your time. There are many feng shui ideas for your bedroom and you can apply them quite easily. The rules are rather straightforward.

Can you sleep better following feng shui ideas?

In order to sleep better with feng shui you should do the following:
  • Place your bed so that you sleep at a diagonal to any doorway. Your bed should never be positioned so that your back is to the doorway when you sleep. You should also never face the doorway when you sleep.
  • You should never position your bed so that you are sleeping under a window. If you must sleep under a window, place a curtain over the window to prevent negative chi from coming in and positive chi from escaping.

  • Follow Feng Shui decorating guidelines for you bedroom. Keep your bed décor plain without lots of fluffy pillows or extras. Your headboard should also be made of solid wood.

  • Keep your work area out of the bedroom. Desks, computers and other work related items should not be anywhere near the bed.

  • Keep the TV out of your bedroom. Make sure that it is off when you fall asleep and cover the screen if you can.
  • Keep the telephone out of the room if at all possible.
  • Keep your bedroom neat. Clutter tends to disrupt harmony.

  • Do not hang anything over the bed such as light fixtures or ceiling fans and you should not have anything stored under the bed.

  • Use the feng shui decorating colors appropriate for the bedroom. I’m talking about color schemes such as pastels like blues, greens and pale yellows. Reds and other bright, brilliant colors tend to be stimulating and are not conducive to rest and relaxation.

  • Keep pictures of water out of your bedroom. They can attract bad luck and cause insomnia.

  • The position of your bed and the position in which you sleep determines certain things about you and your daily life.
    A bed that faces North enhances physical manifestations and balance.
    A bed that faces South enhances the ability to recall dreams and develop intuition.
    A bed that faces East speeds up your life and livens your mood which can combat depression and sluggishness.
    A bed that faces West slows down your life and relaxes you which can combat stress, anxiety and hyperactivity.

These simple changes to your bedroom and how you sleep can make a huge difference in your daily life. People have sworn by these methods for centuries and many folks from both the east and the west claim that feng shui works. Give it a shot and you too can sleep better with feng shui.

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