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About Us - The people who create
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We would like to welcome you to The-Sleep-Zone.com and we hope you will find our site enjoyable and useful.  We have been associated with sleep problems for a long time, both personally and professionally. 

Here is how:

About Us - Bo

I'm Bo (short for the Polish name Bozena).  My issues with sleep began in high school.  Being, I have to admit, an oversensitive person, I had anxiety and insomnia problems from an early stage of my life.

When I was in college things got worse when my father died suddenly from a heart attack.  I tried different over the counter sleep aids and prescription medications with no significant results but with many unwanted side effects.     

As I studied pharmacy I became more and more aware about how drugs work, how powerful and life saving they can be, and, if not properly used, how dangerous they can become.

I was desperate to find some natural solutions for my sleep problems.  In my research I learned that insomnia is a very complex disorder and in many cases it's not easy to pinpoint the exact cause of it.

It took me years of experimenting with different alternative treatments before finding effective and safe ways to manage my insomnia.

I discovered that often the best, and at the same time the simplest, solutions are the hardest to acknowledge and accept.  People can't believe that certain ailments can be cured easily not by some miracle drugs but just by changing theirs lifestyles and avoiding bad habits like overeating, smoking or drinking too much alcohol.

Some changes in my lifestyle combined with stress management and alternative medicine, including herbal sleep aids and acupuncture, helped me to deal with my sleep problems throughout my life.


Andy, my husband and best friend, doesn't have any problems with sleeping: just any pillow-like object will do the trick.  However, when he sleeps, he snores so loud that the walls shake :-).  His connection with sleep problems was more career oriented and it started in the '80s, when he worked as a biomedical engineer in one of the leading sleep labs in a large teaching hospital.

He was involved in research experiments as well as clinical sleep studies on people with a variety of sleep problems, mostly sleep apnea.  He was lucky to work with top researchers in the field, which proved to be very rewarding and educational.

With the experience he gained working in the hospital, he was later hired by a private, medical company to develop new equipment for the treatment of sleep apnea and other breathing disorders.  He was able to obtain intimate knowledge of various medical devices, including different types of CPAP machines.


We have been married for more than 30 years and have three extraordinary daughters. The oldest one, Eliza, is so nice to contribute some of her valuable time to help with proofreading, editorial issues and the appearance of this website. We often need her expertise with writing, especially with the grammar as English is our second language.

Why we built this website?

One day me and Andy had one of our regular discussions about our approaching retirement, and we were speculating what it would be like, how we'd be spending our time, and if we'd have enough money to realize our plans.

Andy mentioned about a guy from his office who makes some extra money by selling stuff from his website.          

We thought that it would be cool to create a website and use it to create a supplemental income for our future retirement, but we had no idea where to start.

We learned our lesson the hard way.

Our biggest mistake was starting an online business without any knowledge or preparation.

We did not spend enough time to research our options, not realizing that this is key to succeeding online. We bought a small business starter program from one of the major internet hosting companies.       

What was our reasoning?

Well.....  We were afraid to be scammed by somebody less known.

To make a long story short, with a fairly easy building tool, after a few weeks of intense computer work, the website with an e-store was ready to be published.  It had some health related information and we were also selling over the counter health products through a drop ship program.

I really liked our website.  But there was one big problem - weeks and months were passing and almost nobody besides my family and friends was finding it.  I didn't know too much about keywords, search engine optimization or other ways of building traffic and my hosting company was not providing any help with this either.  The only thing they were providing were paid advertisements.

For almost a year we were building more content using our free time and spending hundreds of dollars on advertising.  Our website was barely visible on the internet, with very few visitors.  And on top of that, several of the few orders we did receive were credit card scams.

Well,.... that was not the way we expected it to work.  We were not planning on making big money, but we were not prepared to loose much of them either.  When it was time for renewal I said, NO  WAY.

I loved our website and was very proud of it, but this business was much too expensive for our family.

One day I came across an article about a high school girl who put up a website about her and her family's favorite vacation spot using the Site Build It (SBI) system.  Her website had a great ranking by different search engines so she was not spending money to advertise her site, in fact, other people advertized their businesses on her site and she was making good money out of it.  

Hmmm . . .   That was more like the kind of business I was looking for.  I guess I'm not good at selling stuff.  This sounded so much better than my previous experience.

We researched the SBI website and their offer in detail and then looked for some reviews and forums.  It is really helpful that these days people share their experiences online on everything and anything.  Most opinions about SBI were very positive and people were pleased with that system.      

We had to postpone our website plans because of the hectic schedule at work for both of us, until something unexpected and terrible happened.         

On one sunny Sunday afternoon, before another busy Monday, I had a heart attack.

It was a huge shock for both of us and everybody in our family.  I was not feeling well for weeks or even months after that.  Looking back at the fact that my father died of heart attack in his forties, we made a decision that I would quit my stressful job as a pharmacist and stay home.

How we built this website?

After a few months, when I finally regained my health, I started to look for something to do.  
I recalled this website project we had been talking about some time ago.
I also recalled looking at the SBI program.  It took a few more discussions over dinner 
and finally we made a decision to try it out.

We chose sleep issues as our website theme, because we both felt connected in some ways with sleep issues and sleep problems.  We also knew that the importance of sleep in every person's life is commonly underestimated.  We hoped that some people would get our massage and benefit from it.

Today our website is still a work in progress, but is growing steadily.  Thanks to the great tools SBI is providing, some of the pages rank well in search engines, which brings free traffic to our website.

I really love to work on our website.  There is no pressure, I can work any time of the day or night and as many hours as I want to.

My lifestyle is healthier now than it was at any other time in my life.  I exercise a lot, I have time to prepare healthy meals for me and my husband and I sleep like a baby, no signs of insomnia anymore.

My anxiety and stress level?    I guess you can get stressed just about anything, my biggest stress right now is a slow internet connection.  The bottom line is - I'm very happy that I found something fulfilling and rewarding in my life.

Andy still works, but he's thinking about retiring soon too.  We love to travel and we have a long list of places we'd like to see.  We plan to travel and at the same time gather new materials for our next website.  We'll keep you posted.      

I also have to admit that the SBI package is actually much better than I first thought.  It is a powerful and complete system with an extensive set of tools and a proven process you can use to turn ANY hobby or passion into a profitable online business.

What's more, you don't have to be a technology or computer expert to use this system and build a real income generating a website.  Technical things are sort of automated.  Your job is to write content and put it together.

Anyone can succeed with this all-in-one process, tools, and guidance.

Check out what other SBI users have to say about this system.

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